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>> when the chief walks through the door. >> reporter: a sense of humor is a requirement around here, especially when tv cameras are rolling. he fends off the cool whip the first time. he still gets the adrenaline rush when a call comes in. back at the scene of that the 87-year-old is okay for now. >> she needs to go to the hospital and get more extended long term care but she's not in imminent danger right now. so that's a good thing. >> reporter: in fact, it's the whole idea. in arlington beth parker, fox 5 news. >> the news keeps coming. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. it was supposed to be a safe haven for cats rescued in anne arundel county, but instead investigators say nearly 70 cats were living in deplorable conditions and now the people running that shelter could face charges. audrey barnes here now with more on the story.
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>> county officials received several tips about the cool cats rescue center in severna park and when they got there, officers said you could smell the problem before you even got to the front door. >> reporter: this was supposed to be a rescue and adoption center for animals, but instead officials had to move in and perform a rescue of their own. as you can see in the photos before the raid, 67 cats were inside the cool cats rescue center roaming around freely in the feces covered room. >> all of them had fleas. we have treated them. all of them he have ear mites or had them -- them have ear mites or had them, depending. they're in stages of treatment for that. most of them had upper respiratory infections. >> reporter: several different agencies teamed up to get the animals out of there. they've been taken to the animal shelter in millersville for medical treatment and behavior tests to see if they're suitable for adoption. >> it's our goal to save as many as we can. >> reporter: the big question
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for many, how did a rescue operation turn into hoarding? >> it seems to be a situation where there's best intentions were in place at the beginning and unfortunately they weren't able to keep up with what needed to be done to care for the animals properly. >> reporter: animal control had plenty of cats before the 67 came in. more than 125 were already waiting for adoption. officials are hoping the public will come forward and give the cats a good home. >> taking one of the animals that's available currently home will open up space for the cats from the hoarding case as they become available. >> reporter: the investigation into cool cats rescue isn't over yet. so far no charges have been filed. >> we'll be watching. feels like we only got a short break from all that rain right? more is headed our way and we have a flash flood watch to deal with. >> we're going to get some rain nothing like we had with irene when she came back, so don't worry anything about that
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and what we had the last couple weeks ago, nothing like that, just some good rain maybe inch and a half, 2 1/2 inches at the most before this is all said and done but the problem is this pattern is very, very persistent. it's kind of stuck. it's not going anywhere for quite a while. we may be talk about this even into -- we will be talking about this even into next week. it's coming down i-95 and starts to roll in tomorrow. it may wait and get most of the morning compute done, but it does look like at least by midmorning we'll have showers here. that flood watch is in effect for just about everybody, extreme western counties right now, those bordering i-81 in extreme western sections of 66, you're not in it but d.c., montgomery county, loudoun county, prince george's county, even down towards prince williams county, you're in this, charles county, calvert county, st. mary's county. you get the drift, right? we're expecting heavy rain.
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this is going to be in effect tomorrow morning through the day. we'll talk more about your weekend forecast coming up. rain just what some families in woodbridge don't want to see. they're dealing with the aftermath of tropical storm lee. the heavy rains from that storm caused a massive wall to collapse forcing several families from their homes. fox 5's wisdom martin reports. >> reporter: as the wall slowly crumbles behind their homes, for a few short hours today residents were allowed to go back inside and gather as many things as possible not knowing when they will be able to come home permanently. >> it's not supposed to happen. >> reporter: september 8th anthony roe and some of his neighbors realized there was something seriously wrong behind their homes. >> my neighbor came up to me and said we might want they've because the wall behind us just collapsed. >> reporter: the entire brick wall behind it had started to fall. parts of the wall and dirt behind it were already pushing up against some of the houses. >> at that point it was going from oh, this can't happen to
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jesus, we got to get out of here. >> reporter: within hours emergency personnel evacuated the building. >> wow, the wall is like literally on the house. you know what i mean? it's usually 5, 10, 15 feet away. i right up on the house. you can see the bottom balconies, the beams that support the balconies were pushed up underneath. >> since september 8th until today just my hotel alone because i have pets, so i can't just go anywhere, my hotel alone was at least $3,000 that's not counting food, the clothes i had to buy. >> reporter: at this point there is no official explanation or a timetable when the wall will be repaired. >> people are frustrated because we don't know when we can go back. >> reporter: there is no official reason as to why the wall is crumbling at this point and no timetable when these residents can come back home permanently. wisdom martin, fox 5 news. the tweets are flowing from the d.c. fire and ems
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department. they are the first tweets the department issued in nearly a month. chief kenneth ellerbe said the tweets went hiatus for a couple reason. the person in charge of tweeting went on vacation and there's another reason. >> the second thing is that we looked at some of the information that was going out through that twitter account and decided it needed to be filtered through the director of communications first because if incorrect information comes through a twitter account or if it imperils another operation in d.c., that puts all of us at risk. >>. a solar controversy causing trouble for the president, laura evans everywhere at 11:00. >> executives for solyndra will appear on capitol hill tomorrow. the company went bankrupt after getting millions of dollars in government loans. today the house government oversight and reform committee released a report entitled how obama's green energy agenda is killing jobs. the report also raises questions on whether green
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energy awards were made on the basis of political favoritism. a 14-year-old buffalo boy killed himself this week after repeated bullying. now lady gaga is stepping in. she tweeted bullying must become illegal it's a hate crime. she says she's meeting with our president and will not stop fighting. a bullying prevention summit ended in the district today. two days after the repeal of don't ask don't tell a lawsuit over severance people for dismissed service members because they were gay. the aclu said they only got half their severance pay and are fighting for all of it now. the justice department today asked the court to dismiss the case. we'lls are turning in d.c. this evening to help mark a special birthday, the one year anniversary of capital bike share. it attracted more than 17,000 riders in arlington and have amassed more than 1 million trips and it coincides with car free day in the district. a car bomb explosion in
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michigan and now we're hearing from inside the car moments after the explosion. let's check out some of the other stories in our rundown. the news edge at 11:00 will be right back. >> this is fox 5 news em at 11:00. news edge at 11:00.
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ais tonight we're hearing the frantic 911 call made after a car bomb exploded in monroe, michigan. the call was made by an attorney who was in the car with his two young sons. you can hear pleading for the dispatcher for help. >> monroe county, 911. >> we had a bad accident. my car blew up with two kids. you've been called already but i'm telling you what's going on with the boys okay? i've got two significant leg injuries. they are bleeding. i need someone here now. >> all three were injured and
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are expected to fully recover of the investigators are still trying to find -- recover. investigators are till trying to find out who planted the bomb and why. prince michael jackson will be in berlin for an auction in november to support disadvantaged children. the 14-year-old will walk the red carpet and present a handwritten composition of jackson's hit bad. the proceeds of the auction will go to a needy children's foundation in germany. the tobacco industry trying to put a stop to the graphic cigarette warnings saying they're unconstitutional. and pakistan's spy agency to last week's attack on the u.s. embassy in afghanistan, the correlation coming up. but first the student sprinting across the football field as a banana getting some backup. colonial forge high school members wore free banana man t- shirts. they're told they were to remove the shirts. now the aclu is stepping in telling the high school
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administrators the students are exercising free speech. mat.d ei we io n actere
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they're at it again at the united nations general assembly while iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad gave his speech, dozens of diplomats from the u.s. and other countries got up and walked out. during his anti-american speech
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ahmadinejad called the u.s. slave masters and accused the united states of causing two world wars using nuclear bombs against defenseless people. last week's spy agency assertion of the embassy attack. >> reporter: it was last week afghanistan's capital kabul's u.s. embassy came under attack from rockets. u.s. officials now say pakistan was involved. before a senate committee chief chairman admiral mike mullen testified the terror group behind the attack and the pakistani spy agency are one and the same. >> the network acts as an arm for pakistan's internal service intelligence agency. >> reporter: admiral mullen added the united states has
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credible intelligence linking the isi to a june 28th attack on an intercontinental hotel in kabul. >> they conducted that truck bomb attack as well as the assault on our embassy. >> reporter: in an interview pakistani interior minister issued a denial saying say that it is isi involved in that attack, i categoryically deny it. we have no such policy to attack or aid attacks to pakistani forces through any pakistani assistance. u.s. senators are not convinced. >> the insurgent groups like the hakani network continue to enjoy sanctuary in the country as well as active support from pakistan's intelligence service. >> i've repeatedly written to secretary clinton to press to have the hakani group added to the state department's list of foreign terrorist organizations. >> reporter: u.s. and pakistani relations are already strained in the wake of the u.s. killing of osama bin laden bin near a
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pakistani military academy. now the two countries that claim to be allies once again look much more like enemies. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. kids need time to just be kids and an easier way to add cash to your metro smart card, shawn yancy has your fox 5 top five. >> brian, what your kids ask you to play, you should let them. no. 5, kid who don't get enough play time could possibly develop mental health issues. psychologists say when parents severely limit a child's free time, the child just doesn't get the chance to make mistakes and learn the consequences of their actions. no. 4, the tobacco industry is suing to have new graphic ads like these that are required on cigarette packs declared unconstitutional. a judge will decide by the end of october whether these ads cross the line from showing the health risks of smoking. no. 3, looking to get out of town? expedia is offering discounts up to 40% off at thousands of hotels worldwide in honor of
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its 15th anniversary, but you have to book between september 22nd and october 17th and you have to travel between september 22nd and december 31st. no. two, starting december 1st the state transportation authority is raising tolls on the grin from 2.50 to $4 for a -- bridge from 2.50 to $4 for a two axle vehicle. no. 1, smart starting today you can reload money onto your metro card online to avoid the long lines at the machine. the system accepts all major credit cards and tonight's fox 5 top five. and that's tonight's fox 5 top five. >> get out the slicker the umbrella. >> or just stay inside. >> you got to live life, gary, come on, hiding from the elements. >> anyway we'll have some rain
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a around here tomorrow and as i've been saying, it's not like what we had with the remnants of lee that came up where some places got a foot of rain or more or even more. it's nothing like we had with irene. it's not a tropical system. it's just rain coming up i-95. raleigh is getting some rain. we're dry this evening. it's been a little bit humid out, very muggy. there's even a little bit of fog out there this evening, but again the rain will co come up overnight tonight. there may be a spotty shower out there, temperature in the city only down to about 70 degrees. down in the 60s in the suburbs. so it's going to be mild and muggy and it looks like the rain begins to move in tomorrow morning just in time for the morning compute hopefully, a chance that that rain can hold off and most of the morning commute would be dry. i know that's a good thing, but we are calling for rain and
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showers and a couple thunderstorms tomorrow, flash flood watch has been issued. it will be in effect for tomorrow morning into tomorrow evening and then the weather service will reevaluate and see whether they need to extend it into saturday or not which i don't think they'll have to at this point. the best chance of thunderstorms tomorrow down to the south a little warmer down there and more unstable. it's coming up i-95 the fewer and fewer we'll have the farther up, mainly shower here and all this ahead of a frontal system which is very slow to move but it is getting closer to us. so all this moisture is out ahead of that and front will get hung up right on top of i- 95 for the weekend. so we'll continue at least with this chance of showers right into friday, saturday, sunday and next week as well. this is futurecast tomorrow morning by 8 a.m. it is showing the rain moving across here, but there is a chance that most of this could hold off, but as we go through the day tomorrow notice the heaviest of the activity lining
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up just west of town in our western neighborhoods. that's some pretty heavy rain there and by 6:00 we still have all this rain coming up. so all this being said it looks like once the rain starts tomorrow it will be a fairly wet day. we can pick up as much as 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches of rain with this. it goes on through saturday and then we'll have it in here for sunday as well okay? it's going to be a very wet pattern. here's why. jet stream is stuck with this closed off area of low pressure and it will stay with us through next week, next several days here we're talking showers and a couple thunderstorms. i think we'll get a little sunshine for the weekend but not much. hopefully a little bit drier than where we have been. some showers tomorrow morning, showers at noon a few thunderstorms even by 5:00, temperatures tomorrow only into the upper 70s and again we are stuck in this pattern for quite a while. so i would say get used to it. stay with us. the edge continues. dave feldman comes right back with a look at sports.
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ng en good evening. i'm dave feldman. it's not exactly buddy ryan putting a bounty on rookie quarterback troy aikman, but in these pc times of tough enforcement by the commissioner roger goodell, d'angelo hall's comments about tony romo are pretty, pretty pretty good. romo is dealing with a punctured lung and broken rib after suffering this hit from former redskin carlos rogers.
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romo would return to the game and rally the cowboys to an overtime win over the 49ers. he watched practice today but did not participate. that's not going to stop d'angelo hall from targeting romo's ribs and defensive coordinator jim haslett doesn't really have a problem with it. >> i want to get a chance to try to put my helmet on without this hurting. romo's ribs, i'm going to be asking for some corner blitzes. you know, if i know felix jones shows he's hurt, i'm not going to cut him. i'm going to definitely hit him up high. that's just part of it. if you know something is wrong with an opponent, you're going to try to target in on it. >> think about it. you're not allowed to hit him above the head and not below the knees. so there's only one place you can hit him, so it's a shame he's hurt. i think he was joking more than anything. realistically that's the only really place you can hit a quarterback now. >> i will say coach has a
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point. one redskin making his return to dallas is stephen bowen, played the last five seasons with the cowboys but signed a big deal to become a starter on the skins d line. he has many friends still in dallas, but will he give his new teammates all the trade secrets about his former team? >> absolutely. this is competition. i'm doing whatever it takes to win. i'm sure they're going to do whatever it takes to win, also. i mean you know, like i said big divisional game. this being the big rivalry for a long time, playing on monday night, i mean doesn't get any better than that. >> speaking of monday night, 8:30 is our kickoff on my 20 immediately following the game. stay tuned for doc walker, lindsay murphy and myself for the postgame show. also more football saturday on my 20. the terps host temple in college park. you can catch that game at 12:30. to baseball now, before you say to yourself what in the wide, wide world of sports do the nats have to do to still play for something?
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i'll tell you what they can still play for. if they were to win six of their final seven games including tonight against the phils, they'd finish over .500 for the first time since 2003. then they were the montreal expos. tonight they're the nats and phillies. nats starter brad peacock throws the ball up to his dad the pregame ritual between the two. mike morse breaks the game wide open with a three-run shot to center. peacock's dad is happy because he got his second win of the season and the nats are happy because stephen strasburg makes his final start tomorrow against the braves. buck showalter and the o's are playing some good ball, winners of the seven of the last nine. adams jones with a runner on crushes one to deep left for his 24th of season. the o's go on to win 6-5 and match last season's win total of 66. close round of the tour championship in atlanta, the last tournament in the fedex
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cup playoffs on 14th nicholson for birdie, four off the lead. the low round of the day keegan bradley, out of the bunker into the jar as he moves up to no. 2 in the standings behind your leader. i'm dave feldman. brian is back with more of the edge after this. have a good night.
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in less than 24 hours a 6- ton satellite will smas

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